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Adams 26″ Revolution Timpani For Sale (ref#1801)

FOR SALE £1800 ono

Here is a very good opportunity to save yourself some cash if you are interested in purchasing Adams Revolution Timpani.  This 26″ kettle drum has never even really been played, indeed I had to tune up the head in order to demonstrate it in the video below.  It is in perfect condition as can be seen in the video and photos below. Included in the sale is an Adams dust cover and it may even include some other appropriate goodies.  These drums have several bowl options, so please make note that this drum has the smooth copper bowl. If you are interested in purchasing this drum, please send me an email.

This was actually the first time that I had seen one of these drums in the flesh, (and it is noticeable!)  I was curious to see how they worked and sounded.  As I state in the video, I am sure that there is an easier way of replacing the detached bowl.  Furthermore, I know that there are other features like fine tune/range and height adjustment, but I figure that if you are interested in buying these drums, then you will have already done your research and will know all about them. Additionally I am sure that there will be videos and other reference material online specifically concerned with product demonstration, so I have no interest in researching and regurgitating that information.  However, from a personal perspective I didn’t find using these additional features or the core concept of bowl removal particularly self evident, so I would advise interested parties that there probably is a need to subject yourselves to watching experts eulogise over these drums.

In the video you can see that I struggled with the pedalling. Partly the issue was that I was in my socks and I found pushing hard on that high grip metal pedal challenging to my delicate disposition – plus I already had a splinter in my big toe.  However, time was marching on, and I didn’t have time to play around with the balanced action which may well have been fiddled around with by the owner and I had also even given it a few turns. Therefore the balancing mechanism will certainly require adjustment and this may well be the source of the additional friction. The reason why I am sounding vague is because these drums are a relatively new arrival into the world of timpani and there hasn’t been enough time for them to come through my workshop in need of service and repair. Consequently I simply don’t know all the little intricacies of the mechanism and how they need to be optimised for best results.

One comment on “Adams 26″ Revolution Timpani For Sale (ref#1801)

  1. Glenn Griffin

    Hi Paul from Canada. I have a 1968 M55 vibraphone and the one row of paddle fans is not turning. I have tried spraying WD40 etc and still not turning. I have watched & now subscribed to your YouTube channel. Any thoughts on how to repair? I can always call you on the phone to discuss if you have the time. I would sincerely appreciate any help you can offer. Glenn Griffin
    Toronto, Canada


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Hawkes & Son Elizabethan Vibraphone Restoration Project (ref#1805)


Here is another opportunity for someone. This is a Hawkes and Son Elizabethan vibe part done restoration project which needs to go to a good home for completion.  Sadly the previous owner has passed away and I was approached by his widow initially to see if I were interested in the project and then for advice on what to do with it, so here we are.  Ideally it would be nice for there to be sufficient funds raised to enable a donation to be given to the charity “Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis” after covering costs.

As can be seen from the images, the note bed has been sanded back, but looks like it still requires varnishing.  The trolley and resonators have been shot blasted and powder coated.  Two of the resonators were damaged during the shot blasting procedure, replacements were made but they still require fitting.

The instrument range is F3-F6 and the condition of the bars is to be expected for an instrument of this age.  The pitch marked is A=439 whereas modern instruments are going ever higher in pitch and are now typically A=442 Hertz (Hz).  In contradiction, most of the music tech I look at* is tuned to A=440Hz which in this case is more obtainable and much more relevant if you want to actually play with other musicians and not sound sharp.

*I do not have the time or inclination to peruse the world of music hardware, and I certainly do not claim to be an expert.   However in those areas in which I am interested and through my experience of working for or talking to commercial backline providers, the oscillators in keyboards and synthesizers seem to be set to A=440Hz.  Admittedly in most cases this can be adjusted very easily, but it often requires some menu diving.   There are good reasons why certain percussion instruments are tuned to a slightly sharp A standard, but when applied universally, these arguments are nullified.  Personally I would prefer to see the musical pitch standard return back towards 432Hz from whence I suspect presumably started and for which many instruments were originally developed, but there is fat chance of that ever happening!

And finally we have a load of bits.  Be aware that some items in the photos below actually shouldn’t be there because they are not off the instrument, but most are.  It must be said that it looks very organised with all the small items in their own bag.  Most of it will be self explanatory as to where it goes.  Some items will be unique to this instrument.  Some things will have been added according to the whim of previous owners and some will be included by accident.  If you like jigsaws and fancy a vibraphone when it is complete, then this could provide you hours of fun.

If you are interested, send me an email and we can discuss the price.

4 comments on “Hawkes & Son Elizabethan Vibraphone Restoration Project (ref#1805)

  1. Peter P.

    Hello, I’m really interested in the vibes.
    Can you deliver in Italy?
    How much would it cost me?
    Thank You


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