Second Hand Instruments

From time to time I am asked to sell instruments on behalf of my customers. This page therefore is a list of those instruments, but I do have more (see below)

It should be understood that I am not a dealer in second hand instruments, by which I mean that I do not buy cheap and sell expensive. Instead, the instruments remain the property of the seller on who’s behalf I am acting until I receive cleared funds from a potential buyer who then becomes the new owner.  I am a facilitator, providing instruments for those who want to buy, and providing an outlet for those who want to sell.  My reward is a commission linked to the value of the sale and any income from repair work needed either before or after the sale.  I also have the opportunity to speak with potential new customers.

My goal is for the buyer, seller and myself to be happy with the deal. For you the interested party, you know exactly what you are buying; for instance, are there any problems with the instrument, and if so how much would they cost to repair.  My advice comes with no fee and is freely given.  The seller gets a good price and no hassle. Terms for both parties can be found here: OP Terms of Business For Buyers  OP Terms of Business For Sellers

There are lots of instruments which will be for sale in my workshop, most of which get sold before they are even listed on the website.  I must confess that I am the problem – I am a busy man with a lot of work and I have to prioritise.  Equally I have a lot of customers who I know are wanting instruments and they get first refusal on any instrument that comes in, so if you want something, get your name on that list and if you want to sell, I may well already have a buyer.

Premier Deluxe Timpani For Sale (ref# 1540)

FOR SALE £3500

Made from 1928 to 1951 the Premier De Luxe Tympani was the lagship instrument for Premier Drums. These drums that are for sale are an early example which makes them around 80 years old. In that time they have had only two owners and are therefore in exceptional condition for drums of this age. Currently situated in the South of England, but will be moved to my workshop for viewing by arrangement.

Parsons “Super Ideal” Timpani For Sale (ref# 1773)

FOR SALE £2000 ono I have the pleasure of being able to sell this really nice pair of early pedal timpani made by Parsons.  These are the “Super Ideal 24” model which were top of the range at the time.  So with the Premier Deluxe Timpani, I now have for sale both both premium brand… Read more »

Premier Viscount 1″ Chimes For Sale

Premier Viscount 1″ studio chimes.
A great sounding set of very portable chimes in excellent condition. Fully serviced frame. Available immediately.

Musser Kelon Xylophone For Sale (Job no. 1396)

FOR SALE £ sensible offers

Musser Kelon 3.5 octave Xylophone for sale. I think most xylophones sound too much like marimbas because manufacturers think too much about cutting production costs and not enough about sound quality. The Kelon bars were much better than I was expecting and will be very durable as well as impervious to environmental changes. The field frame that the instrument came on was damaged and disproportionately heavy, so contact me for the options on frame design and get something made properly. This would be a great instrument for a school

Musser 5.0 Octave Kelon Marimba For Sale (Job no. 1393)

£ sensible offers

There is a Musser Kelon 5 octave marimba in my workshop for sale. I am a bit picky when it comes to sound quality, so I was pleasantly surprised by the Kelon bars; much better than I was expecting. The resonators are also the proper top end version as opposed to straight tube. The field frame is functional but not very easy to use, typically badly designed and disproportionately heavy, so contact me for the options on frame design and get something made properly.

Ludwig Professional Timpani For Sale (Job no: 1390)


Ludwig Professional Timpani with discs and covers.
[serial nos: 32″=5220, 29″=5218, 26″=5219, 23″=5126]

These drums are in really good condition, held at my workshop to enable viewing and delivery.

Premier Timpani Buying Guide

There are several manufacturers of timpani, but here in the UK Premier drums are the most common. So whilst I had a set in the workshop I thought it would be a good idea to continue my series of buying guides.

The drums in the video have glass fibre bowls, but the same things to look out for will apply to drums with copper bowls.