Instrument Repair

The majority of my time is spent servicing, repairing and modifying percussion instruments. The posts below demonstrate the diversity of instruments that I work on and my approach to the job.

Boosey Piano Glock (Job No: 981)

Keyboard glock to be refurbished. Like most things, it needed a thorough clean, including the ivory keys. These were cleaned wish full fat milk and toothpaste. Only partially successful, but they probably haven’t been cleaned for a few decades. Then I started repairing the key guides and hammers. The case also needed extensive repairs. This… Read more »

Premier Xylophone (Job No: 1079)

An old Premier xylophone in for tuning and repair. There are two main design issues with this instrument, and a further complication: The note rails sag in the centre mainly because of the joint, but fundamentally because thin wall tube isn’t strong enough. The simple solution is to weld the joints in place to create… Read more »

Tenor Drum (Job No: 1080)

This tenor drum needs a new head. I have been asked to make a new flesh hoop. It can be seen that the head had been patched.

B&H vibe tuning (Job No: 1070)

A set of vibe notes in for tuning. On the graph, the X axis are the notes – this vibe goes from C to F.  The Y axis are the cents above and below the zero line which is at A=440 Hertz.  The fundamental pitch is the blue line which is generally flat (to be… Read more »

Stonophone (Job No: 1048)

This stone has broken into two pieces: It looks like someone has repaired it before, which complicates matters. First an external clamp is made so that the parts can be squeezed together. jig made and dry fit done, ready for the stone to be cleaned and glued. There are new epoxy adhesives that have been… Read more »

1″ Chimes (Job No: 1063)

I think these are Viscount chimes, in for repair. The damper pedal doesn’t work, and there are missing parts; also one of the bells is missing a cap, and the whole frame needs a bit of TLC. The first thing I ask when I receive a broken instrument is, why did it break? In this… Read more »

Ross Vibraphone (Job No: 1064)

This vibe is in to fix a motor problem, however there are more problems; broken note rail, and a dreadful repair that someone has done to the frame which means that the diagonal braces don’t even reach the connection socket Plus welding commonly known as “bird shit” which aptly describes its appearance and strength. What… Read more »

Premier Timpani (Job No: 1062)

A set of 3 Premier fibreglass concert timpani to be over hauled. The usual problem with Premiers – the bowl shifts in the chassis. This is a bad example where the bowl is actually being pulled into the inside of the suspension hoop. These types of issues will affect the tonality across the playing range… Read more »

Premier Glockenspiel Note (Job No: 1052)

Glockenspiel needs D6 making to complete the instrument Note is made, instrument serviced – the note pegs replaced to fix notes to bed, and case repaired to hold notes in place during transport.