Instrument Repair

The majority of my time is spent servicing, repairing and modifying percussion instruments. The posts below demonstrate the diversity of instruments that I work on and my approach to the job.

Adams’ Universal Problem (part 1) (Job No: 1243)

They are light, portable, and affordable. In my opinion, (which is shared by players!) these Adam’s Universal timpani are the best sounding in their entire range. There is however a problem with them; well actually a massive design error which will be identified and addressed in this post.

Premier Concert Timps (Job No: 1246)

At what stage do things cease to be “manufacturing defects” and become “wear and tear”? One of these drums is a good example of this. My view is that it wasn’t made properly, but it did need a helping hand to fail.

LP Xylophone Notes (Job No: 1242)

Nothing lasts forever, xylophone note bars certainly don’t. After what must be thirty years of use, quite a few of the bars have lost their resonance and it is time to replace them.

Premier Elite Timpani (Job No: 1215)

At the top of Premier’s timpani range are the Elite series.  I like the Premier design, there are a few issues like they don’t sound the best on the (mass produced) market of orchestral kettle drums, but they are in second place.  What I like about Premier drums is the old style pedal mechanism.  The… Read more »

Premier Pro Symphonic Timps (Job No: 1209)

Premier Pro symphonic timpani are just like elites but with a standard collar. Gibberish! Elites are top of Premier’s range of timpani, they have a fine tuning wheel under the bowl, and the counter hoop is three inches oversized, meaning three inches bigger than the bowl. This is the extended collar. Therefore the Pro symphonic… Read more »

Premier Glockenspiel (part 3) (Job No: 1226)

This post continues from 1226: Premier Glock (part 2) and started in 1226: Premier Glock (part 1) The base board gets a fresh coat of black, whilst the frame has its third coat of varnish. The whole lot is then glued and screwed together. Now I cut the new felt, gather all the note pegs… Read more »

Bergerault Vibraphone (part 4) (Job No: 1214)

This post continues on from 1214: Bergerault vibe (part 3) and started with 1214: Bergerault vibe (part 1) The inner two note rails are only supported at the high end of the vibraphone by a metal bracket.  Onto this bracket is also mounted the motor. Because I have increased the depth of the two outer… Read more »