Instrument Manufacture

Tubular Bell Hanging

I often get emails asking for detailed advice on how to make percussion instruments. In this video I share my opinion on hanging tubular bells.

Cymbal Cradle Prototype (Job No: 1333)

The cymbal cradles that are available commercially work, but don’t fit the specifications of my customer. So I have been asked to produce some and come up with some solutions to the problems encountered. The first part of the project is to make up some jigs so the parts can be replicated consistently.

1″ Chimes (Job No: 1301)

If you are having a frame made for an existing set of chimes, then it makes sense to have the additional bells made to increase the playing range to include the top G instead of finishing at the F.

Premier Tubular bells (Job No: 1277)

Whenever any percussion instrument has moving parts on it, like the damper system on tubular bells, there are always going to be issues unless the relevant parts have been designed properly. This post looks at the recurring problem with Premier tubular bells.

Bell Frame (part one) (Job No: 1241)

This bell frame is height adjustable so it can be used for bass bells as well as tubular bells. It has come back after two years for some modifications.

1″ Chime Frame (Job No: 1224)

Many, many years ago, just after leaving college and whilst working for Impact Percussion, I made a couple of their frames for 1″ chimes. I have been asked to make something similar.  This is a good opportunity for me to revisit the whole concept, and make it how it should have been made in the… Read more »

1.1/2″ Tubular Bell (part 1) (Job No: 1206)

Tubular bells, like most percussion instruments are simplicity themselves; they are just a tube of brass normally reinforced at the top with a cap.  However, like most percussion instruments, they are little understood, and the simplicity of design belies the challenges faced by an instrument maker to deliver a good sounding instrument.  If it’s just… Read more »

Tam Tam frames (Job No: 1203)

I was asked to make a pair of tam tam frames, so after going to the venue to measure the instruments and the environment where they are to be used (stage risers, door width, etc) I’m ready to start. The design they want is really simple, two big square frames on wheels, so first I… Read more »