Every Percussionist Should Know…

Being an instrument maker means, that there is so much stuff that I have to know, it’s taking a lifetime to discover and learn. There is so much in fact, that I have had to limit the scope.

Whilst I know about the hygroscopic tangential expansion in Honduras Rosewood, and its effect on sound wave propagation, it is not something I would expect a musician to know. (Or anyone else to know or even care about!)

Similarly, knowledge of the orchestral repertoire in a social, historical context and how that determines playing technique is more relevant to musicians than instrument makers.

There is however the middle ground. I’m often confronted with musicians who do not know things that I think would be beneficial to their job. Mostly because it hasn’t been taught at music college. Even worse, is when what they have been taught (or read on the Internet!) is wrong or flawed.

Therefore, as I come across things in my work that I think percussionists should know, I will write a blog post. In time there will be a whole selection covering lots of topics.

…How to adjust Ludwig Timp pedal.

Every Percussionist Should Know…How to correctly adjust the balancing action on a Ludwig timp so the pedal doesn’t creep. This is How.

… About Musical Acoustics

This post is still under construction, sorry I will get on with it. The problem is that it had turned into a bit of a monster and I needed to separate it out into sections. However, the draft has been deleted when I had to reinstall the wordpress app, which means that I have to… Read more »

My top ten bad designs

So many instruments are let down by really badly designed elements.  They are so bad it’s shocking, but this is why I am in business, my goals are to seek and gain an understanding of the root cause of why an instrument broke in order to design a solution that works. To me, designing is… Read more »

…The Parts of a Drum

The best exploded drawing of a snare drum I have seen with all the parts labelled.

…The Premier Timp Clutch Mechanism

Every timpanist should know… …How the Premier Timpani Clutch Mechanism Works. The Premier clutch mechanism has three elements that work in conjunction with each other: The pedal, the fork pressing linkage, and the clutch block. It must be noted that they are not operated in isolation, they are part of the whole pedal assembly which… Read more »