How to change damper bar felt

When I overhaul vibraphones, my approach is to fix everything that I find wrong, striving to make the instrument better than it has ever been. This process takes time, sometimes even months of work as I deal with a long list of minutia. In an attempt to avoid repetition (although that is inevitable), I try to pick the pertinent aspects of the repair rather than me filming and writing, and you watching and reading the same thing every time. For the same reasons I have coloured this introductory text blue (aren’t I thoughtful!)

In this video I am demonstrating how I go about changing the damper felt on a vibraphone.  The instrument is a Premier 751, but it could equally be any set of vibes.  In fact the same approach can be applied to all percussion instruments where the damping mechanisms allow.  However a word of warning, if you are considering changing the damper felt on a pedal glockenspiel or a set of crotales, etc a great deal more thought is required concerning the setting up of the instrument after the felt has been changed and is therefore work that is probably best left to an experienced professional.

4 comments on “How to change damper bar felt

    • pauljefferies

      Hi James,

      I carefully select and source the felt I use from a UK manufacturer, buying it in bulk and selling it as a spare part either directly to individuals or as part of an instrument refurbishment.


  1. Maurice Bourgault

    Hi Paul,
    I sent you an email earlier about needing the black plastic note peg covers. Since watching your videos, I am now reticent to tackle fixing the old girl. However, It is obviously not cost effective to send it over to you, so I will have to try. However, I also was wondering what type of cord you recommend to use to suspend the bars – we use shoe-lace type stuff – is that terrible. I need to replace the cord on the instrument – it is completely shot!

    • pauljefferies

      Hello again Maurice,
      I sell note cord for these instruments. It is only available in 100 meter reels, which I buy because I obviously use a lot of it. I sell it by the meter and it is not expensive. To order you will need to email me with your full contact details so that I can raise a proforma invoice. The easiest way to make international payments for low sums like this is via PayPal for which you will need an account. Their fees are applied to the invoice that I produce.


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