Pixiphone Restoration (job#1416)

First thing every morning I do my administration whilst drinking tea; it is my gentle introduction to the day before I take Archie out for his walk. Most days I have too much too much paperwork to do, so I have to curtail the process and go down into the workshop where I am always busy and actually earn my living. It has been like this for months and months, but all of a sudden the sun starts shining and no one gives a damn about the restoration and repair of percussion instruments, so my email inbox is under control, accounts up to date and tax return done, and I have even cleared the pile of papers.  I still want my cups of tea however, so I have been catching up on video editing (always the slow part of the process – as well as writing this text of course) when I cam across this old and complete video. So I uploaded it and here we are…

Before I started it looked like this:

There was a lot to do repairing the box and giving it every chance of surviving for another three generations.

During one of my many London visits I hopped along on my crutches to several art and model making shops looking for the correct colours to keep this little pixiphone looking authentic. I love these sort of pastel shades that were common in the early 20th century.

In the end I did a little bit of tinkering adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that, I even mixed the ivory for the box myself.

And here is the finished article. An expensive and time consuming repair that cost me more to do than I charged, but the decision to take on the job was for reasons of my sanity; I was beginning to be lethargic due to inaction and that was making me feel apathetic and in that direction lies depression and other mental health issues; so I took action and created something of which I am proud and I sincerely hope that it continues to give joy to future generations of little percussionists.

4 comments on “Pixiphone Restoration (job#1416)

  1. Trevor

    Hi there,
    Great job.
    Did you replace the rubber tubing and if so could you please tell me where you got it from or what type you used.
    I’m in the uk and also have a pixiphone that belonged to my daughter when she was young.
    Thanks for any help.

    • pauljefferies

      Hi Trevor,
      Thank you for your comment. I refurbished this whole instrument which will have included the rubber tubing which I carry in stock. If you require rubber tubing, please send your contact details in an email with the specifications.

  2. Mrs Carole Berry

    Wow Paul, that’s just wonderful… I must say it looks better than new. You have now inspired me to tackle my old Pixiphone 21 note! She is in a state and will need much work too. Please could you advise me where I can get the silver push on buttons that hold the notes on as I’m missing a few and also my rubber tubing has perished. I would very much aphreshate this as I would like to get it done so my Grandchildren can play it.
    Yours sincerely Carole Berry

    • pauljefferies

      Thank you for your kind words Carole.
      I cannot remember what size the tubing was, but I always carry this sort of thing in stock in a myriad of sizes so that I have it when I need it. If you post me a sample, or even just measure the diameter and the length you require. Please email me either directly or through my contact page (envelope icon) with your address, since this communication is in the public domain, and I will reply with prices.

      Unfortunately I cannot help with the buttons. They were all present on this instrument, but I did have to repair them believe it or not. Presumably this was because I could not find suitable replacements. I remember these being on lots of things when I was a child, but that was well into last century! I doubt that they are made now, it is the sort of problem that I have to deal with more and more and basically make up my own spares.



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