Musser M55 Vibraphone (Job no: 1468)

“Made for the UK market”

What a familiar sight the above image represents! This vibe must be nearly three years old and just look at the build quality. In the UK we have a different voltage power supply to the centre of the universe, and our instruments are still tuned to A=440Hz. So when instruments are sold to the UK we get a wall wart adaptor for the voltage and the note bars are stamped 440 as opposed to 442. For me it is not really good enough, these instruments cost the same as a small car (which is ridiculous on so many levels but is the state of the world we live in), so how about putting a damn transformer and UK plug on the instrument for export and even tuning the bars to the correct pitch instead of just selecting the zero stamp.

4 comments on “Musser M55 Vibraphone (Job no: 1468)

  1. Lee Adams

    Hi Paul, I’ve just found your website and watched the Musser vibraphone video. Very funny but very informative and as usual with your repairs, very well thought out and done. My glock and xylo that you repaired and tuned for me are still going strong by the way. Keep up the good work, nice to see a craftsman in action!

    • pauljefferies

      Hi Tim
      Thank you for that! Please be advised however that I do have a waiting list and some very patient customers who are STILL waiting for me to do their work. They do have priority and I am concentrating on clearing the backlog this year, so the best way to proceed is to email me directly with your contact details and join the waiting list.


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