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Sometimes everything just has to stop. In order to make progress, often prior consolidation is required. I have just had another period of consolidation, that is where I have been, what I have been doing.

There are so many pressures from so many directions when you run your own business that sometimes, to me, it feels like I am on a conveyor belt. Everyday answering emails, doing paperwork, working on instruments, ordering parts, going to suppliers, etc, etc. But it is also fantastic being your own boss, the diversity and endless stream of work makes it constantly interesting and challenging. This contradiction is just me and how I deal with the stress, sometimes I am compressed, at other times I am exuberant.

When I look at my business and how I run it, what I see happening is time going by very quickly and not much progress in the bigger picture. This is because I am more than fully occupied in the day-to-day management. This is something that I have changed this year, one day a week is spent moving in the right direction to achieve these long-term goals, but sometimes everything just has to stop. It is the only way that I can actually fully devote the time to making the necessary changes to the workshop infrastructure. For instance, my workbench…

As I intimated in the video, I actually had/have pressing reasons to stop everything and build the bench; not only do I need the organised storage for efficiency and space, primarily I need the bench so that I can do some work!

What I didn’t really mention is that in order to efficiently make the bench, work on various long overdue jobs, and make progress in the bigger picture, I have also invested a lot of time and money into machinery and jigs. All of the things that I invest in have to be assembled, set up correctly or even repaired if I buy them second-hand (which I predominantly do) and in the case of the table saw, this process is so complicated it took me two and a half days! Of course after I have got the things working properly I need to practice using them before I start working on your instruments, and this is another reason why I chose now to build my bench.

And hallelujah! What a difference it is already making. Once again I have a massive long work surface. Although it is certainly not finished, I have already been taking full advantage of it.

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