Musser M55 Buying Guide


Musser vibes are the industry standard. I have used the M55 model number because to me they all look the same. Yes sometimes I see gold paint instead of silver, sometimes there are more bits of useless metal getting in the way, but they all work the same. So if it looks like an M55, I call it an M55.

The M55 is a great vibraphone, but like most percussion instruments the design and build quality is sometimes a little dubious. Whilst I have this instrument in my workshop, and before I start doing any work on it, I thought that I would do another buying guide and supplement the first one I did on the Premier 751.

3 comments on “Musser M55 Buying Guide

  1. Lennon Ruiz

    Hi, I m interested in buy one Musser M55 Pro Vibe silver keys, but, I m living in Oman, so, you have any offer of shipping this item to Oman?
    Please, any answer let me know.
    Thanks for your time.

    • pauljefferies

      Hi Lennon,
      This post is a buying guide only. My intention with this buying guide is to help musicians when they are buying Musser vibraphones by demonstrating what I am looking at during my initial assessment of these instruments. In contrast when I have instruments for sale my focus is on capturing a high quality audio recordings of a specific instrument and pointing out any damage or areas that require attention. Instruments for sale are listed under the appropriate heading and moved when they are sold, so that the For Sale Category only has the instruments that are currently available and therefore easy to find. However, the spanner in the works is my lack of time to make and produce the videos resulting in there being several instruments for sale that are not listed on the website, although not Musser vibes. A lot of these instruments are sold before they even get listed because they are first offered to sale to musicians who have asked me to look out for a particular instrument.


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