Slingerland Timpani (part 1) (Job No: 1247)


Looking at the picture above I have a song running through my head, “Oh, what shall we do with the drunken sailor?”  Those stupid little bars to join the legs together, they will go in the bin!

When I overhaul a set of timps, there is a lot of work involved over a period of days or even weeks. My approach is to fix everything properly; I am after all a professional and that is what I am being paid to do. However not everyone is as conscientious, and in the end, you get what you pay for. So when I work on timpani, I am fixing problems associated with wear and tear, and the dogs dinner that the previous person made of the job. The posts on timpani pick out examples of problems I encounter, rather than me writing, and you reading the same thing every time I do a set of timpani (which is why I have coloured this bit blue).

So before I get to the legs, I have to decide whether I need to raise the toe.


In this case it is evident that the toe does need to come up a lot.  That is level, and the adjustable casters are at their lowest position.  With that decision made I can look at the legs.

What I did notice is how badly the castings were cleaned up (or not).


Working on the mechanism is difficult because everything is riveted together, so these have to come out in order for the parts to be cleaned, inspected, etc.

This post continues in 1247: Slingerland timp (pt 2)

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