Premier Concert Timps (Job No: 1246)

When I overhaul a set of timps, there is a lot of work involved over a period of days or even weeks. My approach is to fix everything properly; I am after all a professional and that is what I am being paid to do. However not everyone is as conscientious, and in the end, you get what you pay for. So when I work on timpani, I am fixing problems associated with wear and tear, and the dogs dinner that the previous person made of the job. The posts on timpani pick out examples of problems I encounter, rather than me writing, and you reading the same thing every time I do a set of timpani (which is why I have coloured this bit blue).


So I did the usual process on this pair of drums: strip everything off the drum, so that whilst the castings are being welded I can work on the mechanisms.


Then after the base castings are back and painted I can get straight into the rebuild and setup.  At the end of the rebuild, the bowls go in, and the heads are put on.  I usually do the counter hoops with the mechanism, so the bowls are the last thing I look at.


Which is why it is so annoying when the PTFE tape is removed from the rim to reveal big bloody holes!


As you can see above, these holes are deep, also notice how dry the glass fibres are (I’m lifting them up with the Stanley knife).  If you zoom in on the photo, you can see that there is a gap between the outer layers, and inner layers.  In fact, large areas were cracked and had to be removed, so the bowl ended up looking like this:


So is this Premier not making the bowls properly, or customer damage?  Well it is a bit of both.  Yes it took a bit of abuse to actually break the outer layers into the void, but there should be no void in the first place!  If I had made these drums, even if, like these they were made in the mid to late 1980’s, I would repair them free of charge under “my lifetime guarantee” because they clearly were badly made.

And finally, above is a very dusty, but repaired bowl.  Now I can finish the job and put the heads on, grrrr!

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