Tam Tam frames (Job No: 1203)

I was asked to make a pair of tam tam frames, so after going to the venue to measure the instruments and the environment where they are to be used (stage risers, door width, etc) I’m ready to start.

The design they want is really simple, two big square frames on wheels, so first I cut all the material to make two big squares.


Which were welded together, the pile of offcuts in the photo above were used as little braces to add strength and rigidity to the corners of what are two very big free standing square frames.  Everything I make is guaranteed for the rest of my life; these subtle additions to designs is how and why I have the confidence to do that.


There are subtleties that no one will ever see; the bottom of the square is stronger than the top, which is in turn stronger than the sides, this keeps the weight down, without losing structural integrity where it is needed.

The tam tams have to hang from something, and they have varying diameters and cord lengths, so I make more hooks to hang them from,


and weld them into place.


The last part of fabrication is to make the subframe that has the wheels, and clean it all up.  Then it drop them down to the powder coaters.


Invariably, when I get stuff back from the powder coaters, then the rebuilding of the instrument starts which can be a lengthy process.  It is a nice break therefore to get frames back that just need the casters bolted on, and they are ready for delivery.  Job done.


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