Boosey Piano Glock (Job No: 981)


Keyboard glock to be refurbished.

Like most things, it needed a thorough clean, including the ivory keys. These were cleaned wish full fat milk and toothpaste. Only partially successful, but they probably haven’t been cleaned for a few decades.
20130426-030438-PM.jpg Then I started repairing the key guides and hammers.
20130426-030733-PM.jpgThe case also needed extensive repairs.
This is the oldest of the three keyboard Glocks. Obviously the ivory keys are replaced by plastic on the later versions, but also the mechanism is simpler on this. The keys have shaped hammers at the end which flick a hinged plate attached to the note frame, this plate has the striking hammer, which falls away from the note under gravity. Simple and not very effective; it’s a bit noisy as the key hammer comes into contact and flicks the playing hammer, which in turn falls back onto the key hammer.
A further problem are the differing length of keys. The compound effect of different lever lengths, lever weights and fulcrum points is a lack of consistency across the keyboard.
All this doesn’t alter the fact that it was a beautiful instrument with lovely old steel round top bars.

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