Boosey Piano Glock (Job No: 1061)

This is the third and final keyboard Glock I have in for repair, and is the newest. The mechanism inside is the same as the last one (1008) with one modification. The case also has a couple of minor changes, but the had stopped doing the sign writing.


In the picture above you can see a horizontal wooden bar, this is one of the case modifications. The key I am pressing has lifted the hammer and the felted bar it rests on can be seen. This stops the spring bouncing and therefore work hardening. I have however had to remove the thud it makes as it lands.

20130504-011344-PM.jpg 20130504-011353-PM.jpg 20130504-011425 PM.jpg

The above photos show the strip down stages prior to cleaning. Below are all the bits.


After cleaning the case, an interesting feature was revealed:


Therefore the other two were made earlier, the earliest being Victorian!
Alongside the mammoth and mundane task of cleaning, I undertake the repairs:


Whilst they were glueing, I started the reassembly, cutting lots and lots of felt washers:


After cleaning and polishing the keys look great, the far keys have just been rudimentarily cleaned.


With all the keys cleaned and repaired, the keyboard bed re-felted and fitted firmly, the mechanisms can be cleaned and fitted ready for setting up.

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